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Kula Hawaii is a combination of the efforts of lifelong entrepreneurs that come from a variety of industries & backgrounds. These previous endeavors include business both in digital and physical spaces and across the retail, solar, financial, tribal, and scientific industries. Our team is rounded out by experts in many fields, including but not limited to agricultural, real estate, financial, advertising and supply-chain. We spared no expense when assembling our team to ensure that we provide our customers the absolute best experience possible.

Let’s Talk Story

Enough about us, we want to talk about you. We are dedicated to the mission of providing the safest and most educational experience for our loyal customers. Our goal isn’t to sell you products, it’s to sell you a lifestyle based on health and wellness. We offer transparency in the products on this site and let you make the choices that are best for you. Never hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns, we’re only here because of you!

Principled Transparency

We believe in the power of information and absolute transparency. Currently, there’s an abundance of information out there on the web when it comes to CBD. We know it can be hard to decide what to believe and what products are right for you. We aim to be your trusted community for CBD products and knowledge. We will never hesitate to remove any products that we offer should they ever fail to satisfy our standards or the standards of our customers. If you choose to make purchases on our website, we are extremely grateful. But even if you don’t, we truly hope you take the information you receive here and use it to make informed decisions regarding CBD moving forward.

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